Corporate Restructurings and Valuations

-Oil & Gas.
-Real Estate Development.
-Financial Services.
MASAR has a diverse, first-class team, equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide our clients with innovative and efficient solutions, recommendations and assessments. After a deep understanding of our client’s business and requirements, we create a tailor-made strategy for business to allow it to grow, improve and capitalize on any potential opportunities.
The Investment Banking team has carried out large scale transactions in various industries. Through our established track records in strategic planning, we can assess and contribute to your strategic options and evaluate alternative strategies. Using modeling tools, strategic planning analysis, business valuation and other tools, we can identify areas of growth and potential opportunities. We specialize in corporate restructuring, strategic advisory, macro- and micro-economic advisory, administrative and operational advisory, project appraisal, valuations, and financial modeling.
Our General Advisory Services:
  • Conducting feasibility studies to examine the economic, marketing, technical, managerial and financial aspects of a proposed business idea.
  • Advising on financial restructuring.
  • Performing corporate valuation.


  • Advising clients on the viability of their potential investments or existing projects utilizing in depth market and financial expertise and project appraisal techniques.
  • Assisting clients in building a more effective organization and developing appropriate strategies.
  • Developing financial models.


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